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Date: Monday - 11.27.17

ICYMI: Two of our very own, Gabby Paredes Scott and Neariah Persinger were recently selected for the TRU Women’s All-Stars! The All-Stars took the field against the Mid America Rugby Football Union (MARFU) on Saturday, November 18th in Grand Prairie, Tx. Ultimately, MARFU won both matches on the day, but our girls played great and did us proud!

We caught up with the ladies following the competition to get their perspective on the experience coach outlet.

Neariah and Gabby

What does it mean to you to be selected for the Texas Rugby Union All-Stars?

Neariah: It's an honor to be selected! This format is interesting because not only is it nice to play higher level rugby, but it's also a challenge to come together with new people and play a game together as a team after only one or or two practices.

I am just glad to be able to play the game. When I was in HS we did not have as many programs as we do today, for young ladies. I am just playing catch-up right now. So I am happy to play any chance I get.

What was the tryout process like and would you recommend that more of your teammates tryout in the future?

Neariah: There were multiple ways to make the team, either through tryout events or by Coach selection. I think most all of my teammates could make the team if they just would come and try.

I was unable to make the try-outs for the team. However, I was recommended by a fellow mate and was invited to a practice to see if I had what it took to play on the team.

What kind of affect do you think it would have on our club if we had more people participating in the All-Star program?

Neariah: It would be good for the name of Tulsa Rugby to be put out there more the more of us participate.

It is important to branch out to grow the sport. Rugby has such a great sense of community. If you find the time to pursue All-Star opportunities, why not?  If TRFC members participated in it, it would benefit the younger players. It will help them build their resume if it is something they are wanting to pursue.

How do you think the All-Star program has helped you develop individually?  What was your favorite part of the experience?

Neariah: It's always a lot of fun. My favorite part is being able to play with new women and learn new ways to play off of different rugby players, and being able to be creative and try new things.

I do not think I spent enough time out there with my mates- but if there was one thing, it was learning to take a bigger step back and just learning to trust my team. I have always felt as though I had to make every tackle possible and be at every break down (it was due to my inexperience). With the type of players present, I knew how to trust and stay in my line of defense.

My favorite part was meeting new players. They always have such neat back stories. My other was getting player of the match for the All Stars. I felt like I did Tulsa proud by representing!

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