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Date: Wednesday - 10.25.17

With USA Rugby's Red River Rugby Conference (RRRC) season just around the corner, the Tulsa Rugby Football Club is delighted to announce the addition of Tallgrass Estate Planning to our growing list of sponsors for the 2018 season. We are thrilled that throughout the 2018 season, Tallgrass will have a presence at TRFC matches on the sidelines, on the field as part of our new jerseys, as well as being featured on our website. Managing partner Riley Carbone Kern had the following to say regarding the new relationship:

Tallgrass Estate Planning is honored and excited to sponsor the Tulsa Rugby Football Club. Our organizations share critical core values - inclusivity, engagement, comradery, and a love for Tulsa. Like Tulsa RFC, our law firm is committed to reaching and supporting people from all walks of life. With offices in Oklahoma and Washington, our attorneys work in a hospitable, home-based, personal way to help people understand how the law affects family and loved ones, asset protection, and key medical decisions.

Everyone has an "estate" that includes their assets (no matter how big or small), their bodies, and their values. But not everyone has a plan. That's where we come in. We partner with our clients to ensure they remain in control of their estates for as long as possible, that the people they trust (and only those people) take over when the time is right, and that assets and values are preserved and transferred simply and inexpensively.

Life - and rugby - come with "hard hits" sometimes, which we can't stop. But we can make sure you and your family are able to walk off the field with your heads high.
TRFC are extremely thankful for both new and returning sponsors and over the next couple of weeks we will be releasing announcements and statements from all businesses and individuals sponsoring the club in 2017-2018. For all sponsorship enquiries please contact us at

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